[Marxism] Mooninites terrorize Boston!

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 1 21:04:19 MST 2007

	You can't make this stuff up. You keep expecting Allen Funt to show
up, reincarnated as a would be Spielberg who in reality has channelled Ed

ON-CAMERA TELEPROMPTER READER: "The sinister looking ads were actually
planted across the nation, including here in mid-town, but it was only in
Boston where the campaign backfired."

DANIEL CONLEY, DISTRICT ATTORNEY: "I cannot stress enough the seriousness of
this offense. Commerce was disrupted. Transportation routes were paralyzed.
Residents were straded. Relatives across the nations were in fear for their
loved ones here in the City of Boston."

OFF-CAMERA SCRIPT READER: "They were little blinking devices depicting a
cartoon character extending an obscene gesture. But with wires and
batteries, city officials saw them as a possible threat."

appearance of it, with the batteries and the wires, indicated that this did
not have an innocent purpose."

OFF-CAMERA SCRIPT READER: "Many were blown up by the local bomb squad."

*  *  *

	Thank God for youtube.

	First, the news:







	And then there's the behind-the-scenes, cinema vertie footage:



	And of course the wannabes ...



	*  *  *

	The most interesting thing watching this coverage was that no one on
TV was allowed to say what everyone in my newsroom, and in a couple of
others I checked into, actually thought of the thing, which is that the good
people of Boston have themselves a government of jackasses that don't know
the difference between a cartoon character telling them to sit and spin
depicted in LED's and IED's.

	And then there was the suits. Since this is only the 119th false
terrorist alarm that's been taken live to air in your typical all-news
network, as you might imagine the cynics feeding the teleprompter readers
were dying to give it a miss ... but immediately the phone calls from
upstairs made that ... impossible.

	"CNN is all over it! Break format! Take the Boston story live! Get
some terrorism experts on the phone..."

	With a few ominous bars of music, "Breaking News" is splashed on the
screen and away we go to never never land ... where no one is allowed to
admit what everyone knows to be true. News ain't breaking, it's broken,
hopelessly, irremediably broken.

	Tonight is the first time I can remember in a long time that I
actually wish I had cable, so I could watch events reported as they really
happened, on the Daily Show and Colbert.

	But hey, they'll be online in the morning, and in the meantime you
can watch this:




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