[Marxism] Fw: Chinese Govt. Attacks Marxist Internet Archives,

Haines Brown brownh at hartford-hwp.com
Fri Feb 2 04:39:08 MST 2007

> Uhmm - guys, hey... In the middle of the attacks, from whatever
> source, the MIA people probably did not have the time to seriously
> debate the pros and cons. Why the hell not give them a break and let
> go of the crushing bashing of their probable shot-in-the dark
> explanation?

Bill, I don't think the issue whether the Chinese government is the
good guys or bad guys (which would be a superficial and devisive
debate), but a possible recourse to conspiracy theory explanation that
is profoundly un-Marxist. If we are serious, we can't wallow in
"shot-in-the-dark" explanations, particularly if voiced so publically
as this was and targeting a regime that is clearly not a principal
enemy in today's world.

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM
   	 Dialectical Materialist        

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