[Marxism] New Sinn Fein join the colonial police

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Feb 2 22:26:07 MST 2007

New Sinn Fein has now signed up to the colonial policing system in the
north of Ireland.  

Members of New Sinn Fein will sit on the police boards and, no doubt
soon, we'll see party members and former IRA activists as on-the-beat
members of the revamped colonial police force in the six counties.

There's a very good article about this by Liam O Ruairc of the Irish
Republican Socialist Party at:
Last year, NSF signed up to the police boards in the south, a measure no
doubt necessary in order for them to be in coalition government there in
the next couple of years.

The incorporation of the Provos within the British state apparatus in
the north and the neo-colonial state apparatus in the south is now
almost complete.

However, meetings of hundreds of people in Belfast, Derry and elsewhere
in the north organised by Concerned Republicans to debate the policing
issue suggests that opposition to the betrayal of republicanism is
growing.  Unfortunately, the opposition is so disunited that, at
present, it appears not to be much of a threat to New Sinn Fein.

Philip Ferguson  

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