[Marxism] MIA: The Chinese state MUST be held accountable

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sat Feb 3 11:43:42 MST 2007

_ MIA: The Chinese state MUST be held accountable

Joaquín's position is essentially that of the MIA (perhaps not as strident
:). We have 60 volunteers...and twice that number of opinions! We are still
debating and discussing this. IN a day or so we expect this to hit the
bourgeois media in a small way, and one of our members is being interviewed
tonight by a leading paper of record.

As Joaquín put it, regardless of a 'conspiracy' or just a 15 year old kid
someplace in the world playing rope-a-dope with 20 Chinese servers on his
laptop, these are still PRC *state* servers that are being used. Ergo it's
their responsibility at the end of the day (or month, as the case is). We
actually have some very good gov't contacts in China and they are working
for us to resolve the situation. E-mail has been sent to every sys-op of
every server *in Chinese*. We've even had one major institution in China
offer to mirror the MIA there as a result of all this!

Downloading of Chinese files (top downloaded file are Engels and Marx, BTW,
also Mandel and some others) has increased. 2/3 of ALL files downloaded from
the MIA are Chinese files...in quanity of files, not just the 'size', which
are large PDFs, generally). The growth is almost exactly proportional to the
increase in number of files we have uploaded to the Chinese section.

Many people on the MIA believe that this is intentional on behalf of the
gov't there. Others like myself, do not, but regardless, Chinese Telecom
could end this in a NY minute if they wanted to. So why haven't they?

We are letting our Chinese volunteers to the grunt work of contacting
officials there. Others are following the IP track list (there is one UK
server and one Italian one that is part of this attack, BTW) and working to
contact those sys-ops. Hopefully this will be resolved when we 'go live'
again in early March.

David Walters

CB; Any Cuban comrades who might mediate a message to some Chinese comrades

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