[Marxism] Ghandi: Non-Violence and Truth by Raul Valdes Vivo (corrected translation)

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 10:04:40 MST 2007

            Thank you for  the nice article on Mahatma Gandhi. The Correct spelling is Gandhi and  not Ghandi.
  He is called Mahatma (Maha=Great & Atma= Soul). His real name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
  I recall one humorous anectode. Mrs Indira Gandhi is the daughter of  Jawaharlal Nehru and she became a Gandhi, after she married Feroz  Gandhi (not actually related to Mahatma Gandhi).
  On one of her official visits in her capacity as Prime Minister, to the  US, President Reagan had hosted a dinner in her honour and he he is  said to have concluded his welcome address thus:
  "Now, I welcome Ms Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India and daughter of Mahatma Gandhi".
  So much for his general knowledge!
  Vijaya Kumar Marla
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