[Marxism] New York Times weighs in on the attacks on the Marxist Internet Archive (MIA)

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Mon Feb 5 10:19:23 MST 2007

All, just on a few points raised, all of them good, here on Marxmail...

The majority of the MIA actually is in favor of changing the binary categorization of the writers on the MIA but we are stuck in a 'consensus' way of functioning which precludes the changing of this right now. In fact while this does exist, as Sayan Bhattacharyya pointed out, on the main list from the main page, ALL writers are listed and one can't tell from any of them about any categorization. Xxxzx Xyyxyz who was a member of this list for a short period of time, was interviewed, as our designated spokesperson. Xxxzx wanted to reflect only the views of the MIA as they have been voted on, generally, so it wasn't really a conversational interview that one might find in a longer article in the Times.

Secondly, other than file *location*, and then understanding what the file location means, is there any hint of the issue of being a "marxist" or not.

Thirdly, 99% of ALL files are direct hits from outside links or google or other search engines...users don't even go in through a particular writers page, they go directly to the document they want. So, while there is an "ideological" anoyance for many about this, especially over Mao and Stalin (among, primarily, their supporters) most people simply couldn't give a rats ass about 'reference' or 'writers' categorization

On Fidel Castro... and other living people on the MIA. We have made some exceptions to the dead communist rule, Fidel being one. You will note that his writings are in the History section not the Writers section. This is because we have a small subject section on the Cuban Revolution where, for the beginning of Revolution and the Cuban missile crisis through OLAS, we had to have his writings. We simply couldn't do without them. To my knowledge he is not listed on any of the main writers archives because of this.

Additionally, the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line has a few dozen living authors. The ETOL was a project that was started at the beginning of the MIA but separate from it. We incorporated the entirety of the ETOL into the MIA as a semi-autonomous section that can have living writers. This was motivated in large part because we have many internal documents of the Fourth International, ones co-authored, for example, by Ernest Mandel AND, say, Tariq Ali or some similar combinations.

David Walters

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