[Marxism] Getting Over State Socialism's Crimes

Benjamin Morgan foreverblaze89 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 11:21:55 MST 2007

Comrade Ben

Attempting to merely apologize for Stalinist crimes is pointless. Just look back in your Marx archive to his contribution to the critique of political economy. In the preface Marx implicitly states that socialism can not exist until the material conditions for its existence have manifested in the infrastructure of the previous society. According to this logic Russia wasn't economically ready to take on socialism. Twisted or not without Stalin's egregious five year plans Russia would have collapsed shortly after Lenin's death. This is apparent for two reasons: first before world war 1 the Tzar's were running Russia into the dirt. There was literally one riffle to every nine solders during the war; no wonder the Bolsheviks were successful. Secondly, Lenin was committed to slowly reconstruct Russia's economy. Which means without Stalin the Cold war would have never happened Russia would have been too poor. Finally, under Trotsky the Cold War would have started prematurely
 under his rapid expansion plan and Russia would have been fucked trying to support all of the developing communist countries. In conclusion, instead of apologizing for Stalin we need to show society that Socialism will look differently were ever it occurs and that ultimately us Marxist struggle for a society in which the "free development of each is the condition for the free development of all"
  Comrade Ben

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