[Marxism] Sinn Fein's Capitulation

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 5 13:26:43 MST 2007

What you write is fascinating. But is the struggle over? Has EVERYONE in
Northern Ireland capitulated? That seems to be the implication of your
most interesting discussion of the events.

Traditionally, if someone sells out, someone else picks up the banner.
When the First International died, Marx and Engels buried it. When the
Second capitulated, Lenin, Trotsky and their friends called for formation
of the Third. When the third declined, Trotsky called for the Fourth which
was then founded, and so on. Even if you don't accept this narrative, we
know that, historically, if one trend stops, another steps forward.

You've written a most interesting account, but if I'm reading it right, the
impression I get is everyone is demoralized, and you attribute all of that
to the misbehavior of Gerry Adams & Co. No one has stepped forward?
That means you're attributing a great deal of power to Sinn Fein.

Your account is appreciated, but my questions remain: No one today is
fighting back?

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
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