[Marxism] Reporter Ann Louis Bardach on Luis Posada Carriles

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The Current (CBC National Radio)     February 5, 2007

Reporter Ann Louis Bardach on Luis Posada Carriles

Before Air India, before 9-11, there was Cuban Airlines flight 455. 
The date was October 6, 1976. Two bombs brought the plane crashing 
into the Atlantic Ocean, just minutes after takeoff from Bridgetown, 
Barbados. All 73 people on board died.

One of the men alleged to have masterminded that attack is Luis 
Posada Carriles. Last month, he appeared in a Texas courtroom, where 
he was indicted by the United States Government. But the charges had 
nothing to do with terrorism or Cubana Flight 455 instead, he faces 
immigration charges, related to his illegal entry into the United 
States two years ago.

Mr. Posada Carriles' reappearance in the United States has put the US 
Government in an awkward position. Here is a man widely thought to be 
responsible for dozens of violent attacks against civilians 
throughout Latin America ... a man who would seem like a prime target 
in the War On Terror. But for decades, Luis Posada Carriles was also 
a US ally ... a leading anti-Castro militant and a CIA asset during a 
campaign that included targets in the United States and even Canada.

Ann Louise Bardach is one of the few journalists to have met and 
interviewed Luis Posada Carriles. She's been following his case for 
many years and has written about it for The New York Times, The 
Washington Post and The Atlantic Monthly. Ann Louis Bardach was in Washington.

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