[Marxism] New York Times weighs in on the attacks on the

Sukla Sen suklasenp at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 6 19:35:01 MST 2007

Dear Comrade,

Did you get the central point that the basic input
that the sustained attacks on the MIA website are
apparently originating from within China from
different servers spread over the country owned by
state controlled organisations has been provided by
the target of the attack - the administrators of the
website under attack?

Don't you get that your response to this report is
both amazing (maybe really not) and amusing?

Do you (seriously) expect the People's Daily to report
on this?


P.S.: Here's another report, of course, from the
ubiquitous capitalist press.

China's Hu vows to 'purify' Internet

By Reuters

Story last modified Thu Jan 25 04:35:11 PST 2007

Chinese Communist Party chief Hu Jintao has vowed to
"purify" the Internet, state media reported Wednesday,
describing a top-level meeting that discussed ways to
master the country's sprawling, unruly online

Hu made the comments as the ruling party's
Politburo--its 24-member leading council--was studying
China's Internet, which claimed 137 million registered
users at the end of 2006.

Hu, a strait-laced communist with little sympathy for
cultural relaxation, did not directly mention

But he made it clear that the Communist Party was
looking to ensure it keeps control of China's Internet
users, often more interested in salacious pictures,
bloodthirsty games and political scandal than Marxist

The party had to "strengthen administration and
development of our country's Internet culture," Hu
told the meeting on Tuesday, according to the Xinhua
news agency.

"(We must) maintain the initiative in opinion on the
Internet and raise the level of guidance online," he
said. "We must promote civilized running and use of
the Internet and purify the Internet environment."

In 2006, China's Internet users grew by 26 million, or
23.4 percent, year over year, to reach 10.5 percent of
the total population, the China Internet Network
Information Center said Tuesday.

The vast majority of those users have no access to
overseas Chinese Web sites offering uncensored opinion
and news critical of the ruling party. But even in
heavily monitored China, news of official misdeeds and
dissident opinion has been able to travel through
online bulletin boards and blogs.

Hu told officials to intensify control even as they
seek to release the Internet's economic potential.
"Ensure that one hand grasps development while one
hand grasps administration," he said. 

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attacks on the
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Comrade Ben:
  The media is relentless. I frequently use the MIA
for personal use 
and as a reference in my socialist study group When
will the right 
realize that its just reference material just a well
as some capitalist 
economic student or buisness major can download the
fucking wealth of the 
Nations we should be able to peacefully download the
Manefesto. Doesn't 
the New York times have any capitalist sob stories to
report on its not 
like theres not enough of them
  comrade Ben


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