[Marxism] "Frenzy in France over 'Iranian Threat'

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Wed Feb 7 09:31:52 MST 2007

Fred Feldman channels Diana Johnstone:

>...Iran might well wish to use its oil revenues to prepare for power 
>needs once the oil boom is over... And today, faced with global 
>warming, nuclear
>power, like it or not, can be defended as ecological.

Use of coal to generate electricity is now "defended as ecological"
because someday a way to "clean" it will be found.  Nuclear power
is now "defended as ecological" because someday a way to store
radioactive waste will be found and because another chernobyl has now
become impossible (though not so unlikely that any insurance company
has yet been found willing to insure the full risk of such an impossible
event).  In the advanced capitalist world this idiocy is easy to explain
on the basis of dominant monopolistic corporations.  But in Iran?

Iran, like every country in the world, has much more than enough wind
and sunshine to provide for all its energy needs without wasting
petroleum feedstock resources by burning them.  So what kind of
government squanders its resources on vast nuclear constructions
that professedly won't be needed or available for a decade or more,
instead of immediately building wind turbines and installing active
and passive solar collection equipment? Only an incredibly stupid 
one, whether it imagines itself as pursuing economic, ecological, or 
military goals.

Shane Mage

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