[Marxism] Ultralefts side with colonial master against Irish people

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> At 10:49 PM 12/9/2006, Lüko Willms wrote:
>  >1. Who should control the police in Northern Ireland?
>  >Select one of the answers below:
> I would choose: c) A cop is a cop is a cop -- it 
> doesn't matter who controls the cops.  

  An our prime ultraleft muddlehead enhanced this statement by him 

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 10:42:40 +1300, Philip Ferguson wrote:

> Actually, the idea that extending some measure of local government
> control of cops makes the cops a non-repressive force is more 
> than having the cops directly under the control of the Brits, where it
> is absolutely clear what their function is. 

  I thought that the debate would be terminated by this clear and open 
taking sides with the British imperialists, but the current barrage of 
helpless protests says otherwise. 

  Danielle Ni Dighe continued: 

> The Gardai in the South of Ireland are every bit as 
> repressive towards republicans as the 

  That's what Sinn Fein is saying, and acting against. 

> Police exist to uphold the existing 
> order of capitalism and imperialism.  
> Only a reformist would think otherwise.

  Not so, police as part of the state appatus, or even its core ("a gang 
of armed men with material appendices like prisons etc" - Engels) is to 
uphold the rule of the class is serves. In a workers state like Cuba, it 
serves to uphold the rule of the working class -- which is allied with 
other producing classes -- and to defend the national independence of 
Cuba _against_ imperialism and _against_ capitalism. 

  To think otherwise is the emptyness of anarchism. 

  There is, of course, not only this general idea of the cops "in final 
analysis", but also the popular perception, that one needs some 
institution to stop thieves, burglars, rapers, and what have you, or 
just regulating traffic and registering car accidents. I found in my 
discussions over the past decades that many people think that this is a 
useful function of the cops, and that they want that. 

   The Sinn Fein resolution addresses these concerns, and stipulates 
that such a police service must be a) impartial (seen under the Irish 
experience with the Orange State), b) not under London's control, but 
under the control of the local community. 

   What Mr. Ferguson rejects, because he prefers the imperialist master 
to the popular whishes for a police of the people, by the people, and 
for the people, if I may paraphrase A. Lincoln's famous Gettysburg 
formula of democracy. 

   This is the "strategy of transitional demands" in a situation where 
there is no general pre-revolutionary mobilization, and no workers 
self-defense groups are springing up everywhere, creating a situation of 
dual power. 

   In how far the unionist, or rather the protestand community of 
Northern Ireland is considered by Sinn Fein -- I will address that issue 
in another message, responding to "a friend of mine", er, of Ph. 
Ferguson "in the leadership of the IRSP". 

> In case you missed it, all SF has ever done is 
> talk about revolution in theory.  In practice, 
> they've done nothing to advance revolution and, 
> indeed, are doing everything they can to drag 
> their supporters into electoral reformism where 
> the power of the masses is replaced by the power 
> of elected bourgeois politicians.  

  In practice, they are leading the struggle on the ground, while you 
like in the belly of the imperialist monster USA, and I happen to live 
in Germany. 

  And, please spare me the demand raised in some other email of past 
December, where I was warned not to contradict the pronouncements of our 
dear Danielle Ni Dhighe, because she belongs to a political movement 
which has lost many members in the struggle -- let it be known that I 
belong to the German and international workers movement which has lost 
millions of members and fighters in a myriad of battles, victories and 
defeats. So, please, let nobody contradict me! :-))

  And I like to repeat this quote -- who was quoted? -- that in theory, 
theory and practice are not different, but in practice they are... 

Comradely yours, 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany
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