[Marxism] Onward March of Sinn Fein

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 7 17:00:40 MST 2007

>   The realization of that programme would have been acceptable to me,
>even without moving ahead to socialist measures. But history went beyond
>that, and today socialism is seen by the Cuban people as a decisive
>element of their national independence, defending the independence of
>their nation against US imperial arrogance.
>    Abolishment of the formal Apartheid system was and is acceptable to
>me, even when it did not move ahead to redistribute the land, even less
>a socialist revolution, overturning capitalist private ownership and
>control of the means of social production. It was an immense liberating
>step forward for humanity.
>    And she or he who cannot appreciate such historic steps forward for
>human society is not worth using the word "socialist".
>Lüko Willms
>Frankfurt, Germany

Lueko, I highly recommend Leon Trotsky's "Permanent Revolution" to you. 

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