[Marxism] More thoughts on Oz

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Feb 7 18:52:11 MST 2007

Nick writes: 
>I haven't had a chance to read Gary's comments (and I find his comments 
>interesting, but unless he fixes the column width thing the extra 
>effort is off-putting), but he does seems to drifting into the dreaded 
>curse of Australian left nationalism. 

My reply:

I put out a post in reply to Joaquin but it seems to have vanished.  Suffice to say that I do not regard myself as an Australian nationalist, though I would claim the right to discuss it without the need to damn and proscribe forever every single trace of it.

I will say though that Nick's post is very thorough in its way, but I am so far away from the type of attitude which talks about "dreaded curses". When I read this I see shades of Torquemada not to mention the kanagaroo court which expelled me from IS all those long years ago.  And the usual suspects Nick trotted out from IS weren't exactly on the side of tolerance and enlightenment.

This is exactly why I am not in any left sect and am enjoying my freedom to think on this list.



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