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g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Feb 7 23:39:03 MST 2007


You write what you write and then say you are being light hearted and funny. I am sorry but my long experience of sects and that includes the little provocation from Toowomba is that they are not at all funny people.

You say it is false that Australia is dependent. When I read that I think we inhabit different universes where the semiotic triangle has collapsed.  We must be talking about different phenomena.

Let me try and at least lay out some terrain.  Australian nationalism exists. There is a left variety of it. My post was an attempt to show how in the Hicks affair that nationalism was still a potent political factor. I take no sides here at all.  You by the way make no reference at all to my argument around Hicks.

I argued and I suppose this is where we differ that there is a feeling in Australia, a frustration even, with the subservient attitude of the Australian govt towards America. I wonder however whether you deny that the Australian govt is subservient.

Recall when the former leader of the Labor Party, Mark Latham, came out and criticised the government for being a "congo line of suck-holes" when it came to America.

That crudity summed up neatly a feeling within the Australian community.  What followed was significant.  Latham had to retract and he turned up at a press conference with an American flag.  He had broken a taboo and was forced to grovel. 

The result of course has been a deepening of the longing for independence from America.

The rest of your post was extremely interesting and it would be good to have a discussion about it. Trust me I am far from being uncritical of Australian culture. 

As to what a socialist govt of Australia would do, I can only add that that blessed eventuality will depend on the International Red Army arriving and rescuing us. One of the most moderate of working classes in the world is hardly going to initiate the process. 

Mind you to be fair when the Federal Govt recently brought in its draconian Industrial laws the Australian working class demonstrated that they are good at organising sausage sizzles to oppose the government. Such courage. Such resistance. Quite takes my breath away.



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