[Marxism] RE: More thoughts on Oz

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Feb 8 03:58:38 MST 2007

Some brief thoughts on this thread. BTW the reason I haven't appeared much 
for a while is not that I don't value the list, but that I'm focused on 
Australian topics and normally they have no resonance here to speak of. So 
for now I'm more engaged with the Australian Leftwrites group blog.

Yes Nick, I'm delighted to be quoted. :-)  More importantly I'd love to read 
your thesis.

Nick writes about "a nuanced difference between the "state cap" comrades and 
the DSP: the former seem to think it's a concession to nationalism rather 
than a bleeding obvious politico-economic fact to state that Australia is a 
"junior partner" in global imperialism (as very much opposed to a 

What makes you say this? I don't have any problem with the term junior 
partner. It doesn't capture all the nuances, but than what does? I'm sure I've 
used it myself.

Gary asks Nick: "I wonder however whether you deny that the Australian govt 
is subservient."

It's directed to Nick but I'll comment anyway. If I have to answer yes or 
no, on balance my answer is that I deny it. But actually it's not a simple 
yes or no. The Howard government is working in very determined fashion for 
the Australian bourgeois "national interest". They think this is best served 
by being a junior partner of US imperialism, because Australia's not big 
enough and ugly enough to hold on to its little empire without a backer. 
Sometimes to do this, they have to bite their tongues and put up with 
patronising treatment. But this is the subservience of Gollum, not Smeagol. 
And at other times they have shown they can harass the Americans. For 
example, it's now very well established that the Holt Government pulled out 
all the diplomatic stops to push Washington into escalating the Vietnam war.

What we need to combat, IMHO, is the idea that there is some "real" 
Australian national interest which we should uphold against Howard's 
"crawling". I think Howard *is* pursuing the (bourgeois) national interest 
and I doubt that he needs assertiveness training.

I read Gary's posts by cutting and pasting them into a word document. Only 
takes a moment.

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