[Marxism] New York Times weighs in on the attacks on the

Benjamin Morgan foreverblaze89 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 09:15:52 MST 2007

Comrade Ben,
  China has always been in a tricky position: on one hand China depends on the west for economic stability, with that said the yank (Chinese currency) is kept significantly lower than the dollar. Ever wonder why the toys you get your kids or the crap kids get in a happy meal all read made in china- one word outsourcing. On the other hand China has a respectable communist party to run free from western influence; but it's failing when kids in Beijing are downloading rap music on their ipods covertly undermining the system. China solution pan-optic regulation IE. bio-political order. What they fail to realize is that market socialism fails. China's ineptness in discouraging anti-communist sentiment is a inherent flaw of their economic system. True abolition of private property found in governments like Venezuela and Cuba create equality without fascism. Its sad that they target the MIA it seems contradictory to its intent but soon china and its flawed bureaucratic free market
 monopoly communism will realize that Hardt's and Negri's concept of a post industrial capital globalization IE the "Empire", can even overcome "communism". One can only hope China will not fall to fascist capitalistic capitulation.
  Comrade Ben

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