[Marxism] Sinn Fein's capitulation - the descent into ****mail

jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 19:45:47 MST 2007

Walter's posts on Sinn Fein are amongst the most dishonest I have seen. 
He is a curious observer who knows little, despite the fact that he has posted
in the past at some detail on Ireland.  By coincidence his musings reflect
absolutely the Sinn Fein line: A. Hey ? we?re all friends, we may disagree
about tactics but we are on the same side. B. What the alternative to Sinn
Fein capitulating?

Walter has clearly not read Edward Said.  In ?Peace and its discontents?
he observes that the Fatah argument of no alternative arose after the movement,
through its unremitting collaboration with reaction, demolished the resistance
that represented the alternative.

To Walter, Donal and Luko I have this to say: Sinn Fein?s endorsement of
the colonial and sectarian Police force, an endorsement that occurred in
the week of yet another report indicating the police involvement in the death
squads, is not tactical.  It is political betrayal on a grand scale. We are
not all friends.  We are on opposite sides of the barricades with nothing
to say to each other.  They are free to support the Sinn Fein capitulation,
but to insert their support in Marxmail is to besmirch and sully Marxism.

The only reason I am posting this is to address the silent audience on Marxmail.
 Many have in the past given their support to the Irish struggle and have
been reluctant to criticise the Sinn Fein turn.  Silence now means that your
own attempts to debate current struggles from a Marxist perspective are being
perverted by those who use a pretence of Marxism to advance support for imperialism.

The alternative to imperialism is what it has always been ? the workers republic.
 It?s a struggle that doesn?t involve Sinn Fein.

John McAnulty


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