[Marxism] Re: Islamophobic trash nominated for National Book Critics Circle

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at antares.com.br
Fri Feb 9 04:52:09 MST 2007

Unfortunately, Mr. Bawer seems to be more outspoken in his bigotry, but he's
not the only one, as less minor figures in the American literary scene
partake of this same overall feelings. I remember how shocked I was when,
after the publication of  "The Plot against America" in Portuguese trans., a
major Brazilian paper made an interviw through phone with Philip Roth (just
after I'd read - and loved - "The Human Stain", which I reviewed at
Amazon.com) and the Brazilian reporter, in his naiveté, asked him if his
dystopia about an anti-semitic US under an hipothetical 1940 Lindbergh
presidency was something in the way of a caevat against post 9-11
Islamophobia - something that made Mr. Roth utter some of the most nasty
islamophobic declarations I'd seem in print ever, something I wouldn't
expect even knowing of his lifelong friendship with a conservative like Saul


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