[Marxism] Sugar cane and family-owned monsters

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
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Sugar cane is still nastier than Carlos comments, in Latin America at 
least or I should say in Argentina.

In the sugar cane growing areas of my own country you should add 
another beautiful trait.

What I am going to comment has changed little, though it is not 
economically functional any more. But it is still a kind of norm in 
these areas.

In order to keep labor in pace and sustain social "peace" sugar cane 
growers and the "ingenios" (that is the mills, who don't always own 
sugar planting land but establish a similar policy against the 
minifundia whose production they buy) are very prone to political and 
labor crime against the organizers.

These crimes are explained away by resorting to very old myths on the 
ownership (by the family, or company) of a demon that kills rabble-
rousers. It is a legend all over Arg North West, and the beast is 
known as "El familiar" (that is, ambiguously, both "the demon of the 
family" and "the member of the family").

In Uruguay, the most combative groups of the Left grew up during the 
60s around Raúl Sendic, who was the attorney that defended the sugar 
cane workers at the Northwestern department of Bella Unión. It should 
be no surprise at all to learn that the Tupamaros grew out of sugar 

Speak of angels painting signs on the doors of the Hebrews who were 
appointed to flee from Egypt!

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> "The more I learn about Ethanol, the more I don't like it."
> Absolutely. You would like it even less had seen a sugar cane field,
> dependent on high herbicide concentrations for successful growing,
> extending into the very borders of lakes and rivers, with a complete
> absence of anything that could be called biological diversity. As
> sugar cane is generally cultivated by means of purely vegetative
> growth (putting cane cuttings into earth; sexual reproduction is
> limited to the selection of new varieties, made in agric

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