[Marxism] Segolene Royal: Is This the Next President of France? (WSJ)

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Sat Feb 10 08:23:53 MST 2007

On 10 févr. 07, at 23:31, Walter Lippmann wrote:

> Did someone around here endorse Segolene Royal?
> If so, I hadn't noticed that. We'll see what the LCR,
> the LO and the PCF come up with and then we'll be
> able to get a fuller idea of what's to come in France.
> I simply shared the Wall Street Journal's report on
> her. She's packaging herself like many politicians in
> the United States do, that's what the WSJ report was
> explaining.

Sorry to repeat myself but the WSJ was not explaining anything and  
was only regurgitating stuff that has already been quoted all over  
the blogsphere and the French media since she was put under the  
spotlight. It is dead cold contents. Plus I really don't see how the  
_WSJ_ can be used as a _reference_ for a marxist list. WSJ sees SR  
with american politics filters, which says a lot about its  
explanation power. And about endorsement. The French Socialist Party  
did endorse her, or rather, 60% of the FSP members who had been for  
more than 6 months in the party endorsed her, without even a second  
of hesitation. And I think even with Jospin she would have made it.  
And it is not because Jospin lost in 2002, it is because Jospin never  
took a hint from the French alter-mondialistes. He was totally blind  
and did not see that things were going on on his left and that those  
people were ready to work with him. The same people who organized the  
winter 95 movement, the people who organized the first WSF etc. He  
was so full of himself with the fruits of 95 that he thought people  
would elect him because he was so good... But he forgot the people  
who put him into power. I have no idea where Segolène Royal is  
heading, but listening to her and seeing what she has done previously  
has a minister etc, I don't see what is so wrong with her (besides  
for not being a member of the LCR).

JC Helary

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