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michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Sat Feb 10 08:27:21 MST 2007

         In the thread about Chavez's book review of Build it Now, 
Louis noted Peter McLaren's site (see below) as a useful source on 
education and Marxism. As it happens, I've just finished reviewing 
the final version of a video of a conversation between Peter and me, 
done at the Centro Internacional Miranda in Caracas, on the subject 
of radical pedagogy, revolutionary practice, the Bolivarian 
Revolution and socialism. It runs 38 minutes (as edited) in English 
and may be useful for classes and discussion groups for the issues 
raised. I'm trying to figure out a way to get some copies out; I 
expect that the major form of distribution will be via the emerging 
CIM website [http://www.centrointernacionalmiranda.gob.ve/] and then 
YouTube, etc. (hopefully within a week). There already is a video of 
an interview in Spanish with Peter (translated) by Luis Bonilla [CIM] 
at the website from the same visit to Caracas.

Another useful resource on Marxism and education:


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