[Marxism] In Response too: 2. Re: Sinn Fein's capitulation

Liam Breunle liamthefenian at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 10 14:05:47 MST 2007

The real comparisons should come from the Unionists and Blair's government lies at every turn. Have they met any of the GFA?  The answer is "no."  Have they diverted the problem and conspired to create (they are always creative): red herrings, straw men and scape goats?  Of course anyone who is truly and objectively watching will tell "Yes," at ever signal juncture.    While the media falsely reveals some sort of concession on their part the sermons of Paisley and others run through the streets like venom with a smirk on their proverbial faces.  Every time we "smile" and make more and more concessions they taunt us in the streets and from their paradoxical pulpits. "They rule and will continue to rule with an iron fist ready to completely crush us" ... not politically make room for us.  The weaker we get with all of our faithful moves, fulfilling our commitments to all the various agreements the more they stock pile literally and psychologically.
  The reason the ANC did such a brilliant job and amazingly changed their country was because they were winning.  The enemy saw the horizon and didn't like what they saw. The Unionist like what they see!  
  Liam Breunle

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