[Marxism] The Jihadism of Fools By Fred Halliday

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 10 15:05:27 MST 2007

>I am not really interested in the political life of Fred Halliday andv
>I could care less about who his brother Jon is!

Well, you should. This is a Marxism list after 
all. And Dissent Magazine is bitterly hostile to 
everything we stand for here. Generally, it is 
understood why people might crosspost from the 
Washington Post or the NY Times. Rancid Menshevik 
propaganda from Dissent is a horse of another color.

>What is amazing to me is that Islamic fundamentalist currents are
>lauded on this list with out the sharp criticism that is being applied
>to Hailday. It would be nice if you addressed the arguments of his
>essay instead of induging in hyperbole over his political evolution.

The arguments are hardly worth answering. 
Halliday's article is filled with gross 
distortions our outright lies. Here is one:

"Instead, while appealing to the community or 
umma of Muslims, the Islamists, be they al-Qaeda 
or Hezbollah, appeal only to particular 
communities and pour out the venom of an 
unrelenting chauvinism toward nonbelievers, Jews, 
and even toward Muslims of a different sect than their own."

Does anybody in their right mind see any 
connections between the diehard Wahabbi members 
of al-Qaeda and Hezbollah? Anybody who reads a 
newspaper knows that Hezbollah has been a 
unifying force in Lebanon. Here's a snippet from 
the Charles Glass article that got my old professor from Bard so worked up:

"Hizbullah’s unspectacular showing in the first 
post-Syrian parliamentary elections was largely 
due to changes in electoral law but may also be 
traced in part to its perceived pro-Syrian 
stance. Now, Israel has rescued Hizbullah and 
made its secretary-general, Hassan Nasrallah, not 
only the most popular man in Lebanon – but in the 
whole Arab world. An opinion poll commissioned by 
the Beirut Centre for Research and Information 
found that 80 per cent of Lebanese Christians 
supported Hizbullah; the figure for other 
communities was even higher. It was not 
insignificant that, when false reports came in 
that Hizbullah had sunk a second Israeli warship, 
the area that fired the loudest celebratory shots 
in the air was Ashrafieh, the heart of Christian 
East Beirut. Unlike in 1982, when it could rely 
on some of the Christian militias, Israel now has no friends in Lebanon."

full: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v28/n16/glas01_.html 

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