[Marxism] The Jihadism of Fools By Fred Halliday

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Feb 10 15:45:14 MST 2007

Louis Proyect wrote:
> The arguments are hardly worth answering.
> Halliday's article is filled with gross
> distortions our outright lies. Here is one:
> "Instead, while appealing to the community or
> umma of Muslims, the Islamists, be they al-Qaeda
> or Hezbollah, appeal only to particular
> communities and pour out the venom of an
> unrelenting chauvinism toward nonbelievers, Jews,
> and even toward Muslims of a different sect than their own."

It's worse than "gross distortions our outright lies"; it is a rather
nauseating racism. It reminds me of the way the late and unlamented Mike
Royko would justify the brutal racism of the Chicago Police by citing
some random assault by a black man on a white in Nebraska or Florida or
Timbuctoo, and then challenge the black community of Chicago to take
responsibility for _their_ crimes. It would be a gross waste of
bandwidth to respond more to his shit than Lou already has.


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