[Marxism] Luko, New Sinn Fein and the imperialists

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Feb 10 20:07:15 MST 2007

Me earlier:
>>Actually, the idea that extending some measure of local government
>control of cops makes the cops a non-repressive force is more 
>dangerous than having the cops directly under the control of the Brits,
>where it is absolutely clear what their function is. 

Luko in response:
>I thought that the debate would be terminated by this clear and open 
taking sides with the British imperialists, but the current barrage of 
helpless protests says otherwise.

Of course, this would make the Provos pro-imperialist over 30 years ago
for bringing down the Stormont parliament and leading to direct rule
from Britain.  The Provos, of course, argued at the time - quite rightly
- that rule from Britain exposed the colonial nature of the six counties
whereas Unionist domination in Stormont partly camouflaged it.

So my "ultraleftism" is actually nothing other than traditional Irish
republican politics on this issue!

If Luko knew a bit more about the history of the struggle he would have
known this.  

He seems to be incapable of comprehending that the six counties, *by its
very nature*, is not and cannot be a democratic entity, even in the
bourgeois-democratic sense.  So suggesting that having the cops
controlled by the local state is some kind of democratic progress is
just plain absurd.  It's like suggesting that in the Nazi era it was
better to have the cops controlled by the local governments in each area
rather than the state apparatus in Berlin.

Luko also seems unaware that *it is British imperialist policy* to shift
control of ordinary policing to local government in the north.  Unlike
our ignorant friend, the Brits understand that their underlings in the
six counties (which now include New Sinn Fein) will be more effective at
policing dissent in the north than direct rule is.

So, it is actually Luko who is on the side of the imperialists here.  He
should also look at the positive statements about New Sinn Fein coming
from Tony Blair and the US State Department.  Their views and his


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