[Marxism] Martina Anderson on policing

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Feb 10 20:20:20 MST 2007

Donal writes:

>Those from overseas will gain insights from this I think. Martina was
lifted several times for IRA activities, she is now a SF leader.

The insight we would gain is that she is a dishonest reformist

This speech is typical of the kind of spin that comes out of New Sinn
Fein these days.

Support for the colonial police force in the north originated within the
leadership of New Sinn Fein.  They have studiously *avoided* most of the
public debate on the issue organised within the nationalist areas by
people like Concerned Republicans - some of the CR meetings have
attracted up to 400 people.

Anderson has the temerity to drag in James Connolly's name as if
Connolly was an advocate of colonial police services like she herself
is.  Connolly never said, as she ludicrously claims, that while people
in Ireland argued among themselves the British were robbing and
murdering them all.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Connolly was acerbic
about the idea that all Irish people should get together, since Ireland
was divided into classes and the people at the top of the pile, and
those who aspired to that position, had a vested interest in
collaborating with the Brits.

Anderson is a collaborator, as are the entire leadership of New Sinn
Fein.  Whatever they once were, they are now effectively British agents,
helping police the six counties for the Brits.  They have gone far
further down the road than the traditional bourgeois-nationalist party
of the past 35 years, the SDLP.

One of the most disgusting aspects of Anderson's speech is the use of
the term empowerment.  In fact, the nationalist population has just been
disempowered by the embrace of the colonial police by their erstwhile

The social climbers and political opportunists atop New Sinn Fein are
now part of the apparatus of British rule in Ireland.  


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