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But I  tend to think that British imperialism's position is  weakening
generally  (after all, they are also losing the war in Iraq  and, basically
as a consequence, the Blair government is becoming  disgraced) and I don't
think Ireland is really an exception.  

I disagree with you here. British imperialism recognised the need to keep  
the UK together by changing the form of the control over its component parts,  
precisely the reasoning behind the GFA and devolution for Scotland and Wales. 
In  this, with regard to the Six Counties, they have succeeded. The Blair govt 
is  one thing, the ruling class is another, and it is a mistake to conflate 
the two.  Unfortunately, many in the antiwar and socialist movement over here 
have bought  into the idea that getting rid of Blair will constitute a massive 
victory,  forgetting in the process that it was his likely successor Gordon 
Brown who  wrote the cheques for the war in the Middle East, who supported the 
war from the  get-go and who was responsible for the economic policies that have 
impacted so  disastrously on the working class and working class communities. 
In many ways,  it reminds me of how the US antiwar movement split during the 
2004 presidential  elections, with half subscribing to an ABB position, 
despite the fact that Kerry  and the Dems were promising to up the ante in Iraq.
Blair is toast, but not because of the efforts of the antiwar movement. No,  
he is about to go due to the stout resistance of the Iraqi and Afghan people 
and  his abandonment by his own class who now see him as a liability.
This doesn't mean that British imperialism ends, it merely means that a  more 
subtle approach will be employed by Brown to achieve the same ends - namely  
meeting the needs of a global economy run from Washington.

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