[Marxism] The Jihadism of Fools By Fred Halliday

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 11 12:31:10 MST 2007

Dear Jack - 

Which ones of Fred Halliday's arguments do you want to have taken up?
Just posting an entire article without any comment doesn't give us much
basis to take it up. 

The fact that Halliday is a former leftist who's gone to the right doesn't 
mean he has nothing to say, but what, exactly, do you want taken up
in what he DOES have to day? You simply posted Halliday's comments
without telling the readers what you wanted anyone to discuss. I know
you are a serious person, and I'm willing to engage on this issue, but
what, exactly, do you want discussed among the points he made?

Hamas is an organization which has won the support of the Palestinians
in the occupied territories because of its firm opposition to occupation
by Israel. Hezbollah has a similar position in Lebanon. These groups 
win their support for their opposition to the occupation of their own
countries. Halliday talks about how the west used Islam against the
Soviet support for the government of Afghanistan following 1979.
There, Islam played a reactionary role and was used by Washington
in its war against the Soviet Union. Brezinski (sp?) spoke proudly of
his role in luring the USSR to its demise in Afghanistan. Today these
Islamic forces like Hezbollah and Hamas are leading the opposition 
to their country's occupation by Israel, an occupation supported by
the United States. No wonder they are winning broad popular support
in their countries. Halliday strongly objects to the broad opposition to
the occupation of Palestinian land and of parts of Lebanon by Israel,
which suggests that Halliday supports the occupation. You can hardly
blame the peoples of the occupied areas for seeking support against
that occupation.

What else do you want to discuss about this, Jack? Be specific, please.

Thanks very much,

Walter Lippmann
passing through Toronto, Ontario, Canada

JACK LIEBERMAN, introduced Fred Halliday's DISSENT article:
The following article is from the lastest issue of Dissent magazine.  
After reading a number of recent contributions to this list  
uncritically lauding Hamas for their "pricipled positon" on the  
Palkestinian struggle, and I assume on resolving the "Jewish  
Question", I think a little dose of reality is needed here.
Best Regards,
Jack Lieberman

The Jihadism of Fools
By Fred Halliday
Winter 2007

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