[Marxism] British imperialism and Ireland

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Feb 11 13:08:20 MST 2007

Fred Feldman writes:
>And, of course, the bourgeosification of the top leadership of Sinn
Fein may also be making Irish unification less frightening than it has

This is what I thought about five-ten years ago.  I thought it was
possible that now they had the Provos on side and the revolutionary
struggle was over the Brits could discard the Unionists and move towards
a unitary neo-colony in Ireland.

I no longer think this, because there is no real evidence for it that I
can see.  In fact, the Brits just keep bending New Sinn Fein further and
further to their will within the context of maintenance of partition and
the six-county state.

I would be interested in John McAnulty's and James Daly's take on this,
as as they are people who have been in the midst of things right from
the late 60s, although James has been out of political activity since
the assassination of his wife back in 1981.


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