[Marxism] Simon McGuinness: Surfing the Tsunami

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Mon Feb 12 05:56:15 MST 2007

Surfing the Tsunami
by Simon McGuinness
Sun Feb 11, 2007 1:58 pm


The city of Miami may think that it is preparing itself for Fidel
Castro's death but it can't imagine the tsunami that is about to roll
up on its shores, a tsunami that will wash away the entire edifice of
the political structures on which Florida is built. It is a tsunami
that will alter the balance of power in the USA for ever. And the
wave will arrive at the worst possible moment for the US political
and economic system.

One of the best examples of universal global bad press was the
invented TV images of "Palestinians" cheering at the news of the
collapse of the twin towers. To have real live Miami Cubans cheering
at the death of Fidel Castro plastered all over the front pages of
every major newspaper on the globe and featured in every TV news
report would be immensely damaging, not only to Miami, but to the

Someone in Miami may have belatedly woken up to the need for a major
damage limitation exercise, but any such exercise is going to be
about as useful as a New Orleans levee. Avoiding bad press may be the
aim of the Miami fathers in suggesting that any celebrations be held
behind the closed doors of Orange Bowl Stadium, but that is gesture
which is both futile and self deluding.

Those of us who know the reality of US/Cuban affairs know that damage
will not be confined to bad publicity. The damage is already evident
in the complete collapse of US policy towards Cuba following the
recent very smooth transfer of power to the new Cuban leadership. The
US State Department, the self-appointed font of knowledge on all
things Cuban, now admits that it hasn't a clue about Castro's health.
This is merely a glimpse of the real policy vacuum they are
concealing behind the facade. We know it has always been a vacuous
policy, but the rest of the world believed it. Now the tables are
about to be turned.

The global supporters of the Cuban Revolution, who have lived under
the orchestrated barrage of the US media and the US State Department
publicity machine, need to prepare for a complete reversal of their
fortunes. All that has been said by the USA about Cuba in the past 47
years will be shown to have been false. It is time for them to start
briefing their local media about all those stories that have gone
unreported to date, stories ignored because they were contradicted by
the Miami Herald and the US State Department. Stories like the Miami

Cuba didn't collapse as the world's media were promised, a promise
they believed and peddled for decades without the slightest question.
But they were wrong. And that is only the start of the unravelling.

They were told that the Cuban Government didn't have the support of
the of the people, and the loyal believers in the worlds media, in
the face of vast evidence to the contrary, peddled that canard for
decades. Well, it is now clear that they were wrong about that too.
The Cuban people have demonstrated their support for their government
by not following the US script.

Now that it is finally established that the government of Cuba has,
and had, the support of the people of Cuba, it follows that the laws
of Cuba are actually legitimate and that the constitution of Cuba is
also legitimate.

If that is the case then, barring some miscarriage of justice, it
follows that anyone convicted under those laws is a criminal, not the
political prisoner of a tyrannical regime. And if that is the case,
then Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch will have to look
more carefully at the unsubstantiated reports on which they have
based their public statements on Cuba to date.

And the final damming implication is that the statements of the
legitimate government of Cuba charging the USA with terrorism need to
be investigated, not dismissed. If the charges are found to be
supported by the documentary evidence provided by the Cuban
government and corroborated by the vast array of, as yet
undiscovered, evidence contained in the vaults of the secret police
in every recently democratised south American country, then the USA
may well be found guilty of gross human rights violations amounting
to state terrorism against Cuba.

The world long ago decided that the US blockade was illegal, all that
remains is to determine the extent the damages. If the charge of
terrorism sticks, then the claim for reparations may be unavoidable.
Those reparations, in economic damages alone, currently amount to
some $86 billion ... and counting.

The truth will out and the long suffering supporters of the Cuban
Revolution, will deliver it to the world's media. They haven't been
listening up to now, but all of that is about to change. Hell hath no
fury like a media lied to.

Fidel Castro's legacy is just beginning to reveal itself to the
world. Dead or alive, he will surf that tsunami.

Simon McGuinness, 
Cuba Support Group, Dublin.

*For more information on the case of the Miami Five email
FreeMiami5 at eircom.net or visit FreeTheFive.org or FreeForFive.org 

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