[Marxism] Segolene Royal: Is This the Next President of France? (WSJ)

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 12 08:59:43 MST 2007

It was interesting to see on Fance's TV2, the coverage of Jea-Pierre LePen's comment on Segolen foollowed coverage
of Sarkozy's election rally at La Mutualite, a well-known site for rallies held by the left, located in the Latin Quarter on
the Left Bank, close to the Sorbonne etcetera.

Sarkozy was introduced by a young (early 20s) Black woman with an African name, who is the "youth leader of
the UMP," the party in power.

Both Sarkozy, and even LePen, have made a point of including Black annd North African faces in their entourages
as a gesture to the still simmering, still potential explosive anger in the oppressed and impoverished  communities in
the suburbs of major French cities.

The suburbs in France are the equivalent of the center city in the U.S.


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>First reaction to her program-speech:
>"Des 'jur´es citoyens'? C'est La Commune!"
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