[Marxism] Cuba's eternal dilemma: annexation or independence(freedom of the press)

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Feb 12 18:20:19 MST 2007

The Cold War WAS over by 1989, even in the estimate of Reagan and his
successor Bushdaddy.

But it's also irrelevant.  The U.S. position towards Cuba would have been
the same had there been no Cold War and no Soviet Union.  And U.S. officials
have said as much.  In fact, I was just reading a new account of early
expansionism and apparently even Thomas Jefferson had designs on Cuba.  By
the mid-nineteenth century, the seizure of Cuba was a cornerstone of the
ideology of Manifest Destiny.

So, Cuba could have just easily decided that it was Vegetarian rather than
Communist in 1959, and it wouldn't matter.  The U.S. position is and always
was that Cuba has no business being its own country.


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