[Marxism] Re: SACP-ANC

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Feb 13 03:22:58 MST 2007

The position of Philip, Lajny, et al - Louis tried to get them unhooked from
it by conceding that the end of apartheid, like the victory of the civil
rights movement in the US, was progressive, but they are having none of such
centrism! - that the winning of Black citizienship, the right to vote, the
end of the reserves/homelands as separate enforced structures, freedom of
movement fplace to another, basic democratic and constitutional rights
represented exclusively a victory for the bourgeoisie and a colossal defeat
for the Black masses is so deeply and profoundly reactionary that I see no
justification at all for continuing the thread or indeed for discussing this
subject at all on this list.


I suggest that after allowing a little screaming at me for having said this,
Louis terminate this very, very ugly thread.


By the way, as is just about always the case with Philip, he got Jack Barnes
wrong on South Africa.  No complete disconnect between the democratic and
socialist revolutions in South Africa - just a recognition that they would
not be and could not be simultaneous -- no relegation of the socialist
revolution there to another "historic epoch," etc. I have come to the
conclusion that Philip never reads anything actually published in Barnes'
name,  but simply follows the gossip columns about it and goes from there.
I don't blame him for not reading the stuff, but he shouldn't proclaim
expertise about what is in it if he is unwilling to actually suffer through
a turgid document.

Fred Feldman



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