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[Maybe this is a reasonable way to pay hommage to cde. Feldman's 
suggestion to leave the debate on whether the ellimination of 
Apartheid is a dead dog, or not.]

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> Louis keeps on suggesting Cuba will follow the Chinese model, but that
> simply demonstrates that Louis understands nothing that I have ever
> written about Cuba. Cuba will follow the Cuban model, not the Russian
> model, not the Chinese model, not any model. Models are what is wrong
> with the way some people look at socialism.

Perhaps cde. and friend Proyect wants to say that cde. and friend 
Lippmann supports a line by which Cuba will relapse into capitalism, 
and turn away from socialism. This might be true if Cuba were left 
alone to a "model" which will enclose it within its sea-locked 

In fact, any radical's bet should be that Cuba won't even follow the 
Cuban model more than, say, Pfalz followed the "Palatine" model in 
the mid-19th Century. Cuba can't "make it" alone, in which case it 
would of necessity cry "uncle", heroically maybe, on a bloodbath 
maybe, after annihilation maybe, but it certainly would (only that by 
that time it would have ceased to be Cuba). 

To have a victorious Cuba we need it to eventually follow the _Latin 
American_ model, which is still in the making, in the very same way 
that Pfalz followed the _German_ model (which was still in the making 
by, say, 1850). This is something the US made impossible through 
isolation and blockade in the early 60s. This time, it won't happen. 

In 1974, Argentina was the first of the major Latin American 
countries to break the isolation of Cuba. Then, the age of reaction 
set in. But the 21st. Century, at last, brings with it the 
opportunity to bind the whole thing together.

Cuba is as vital for us Latin Americans as it is for the US 
bourgeoisie, and not only due to its many and wonderful virtues, but 
due to more down-to-earth issues: if socialism is to exist in Latin 
America, it will exist in the course of the struggle for unification 
of Latin America, and if this struggle will come to a good end, once 
the hard core in the South is strongly set in place, then the battle 
will be over the Caribbean. In the long history of Latin American 
unity and socialism (one and the same thing), Cuba and Puerto Rico 
are both the forerunners and sentinels of Latin America against 
Leviathan. They are the Malvinas of the North. One of them is already 
free. The remaining one is still a colony. None will be free unless 
they join the main body they were carved away from by a long, 
convoluted and tortuous history of Balkanization.

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