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Lajany Otum lajany_otum at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 13 06:09:16 MST 2007

Fred Feldman writes:

<<The position of Philip, Lajny, et al - Louis tried to get them unhooked from
it by conceding that the end of apartheid, like the victory of the civil
rights movement in the US, was progressive, but they are having none of such
centrism! - that the winning of Black citizienship, the right to vote, the
end of the reserves/homelands as separate enforced structures, freedom of
movement fplace to another, basic democratic and constitutional rights
represented exclusively a victory for the bourgeoisie and a colossal defeat
for the Black masses is so deeply and profoundly reactionary that I see no
justification at all for continuing the thread or indeed for discussing this
subject at all on this list.>>

This is a gross and dishonest misrepresentation which cannot pass unanswered. 

Where did Philip, Lajany, et al  write  that the fall of apartheid, and the 
establishment of political rights colossal defeat for the black masses?

What I do believe is that the stabilisation of comprador capitalism, similar 
to that which exists throughout sub-Saharan Africa, through the compromise 
that the outgoing white regime reached with the upper echelons of the 
SACP--ANC, at the expense of the mass base of the movement, represents 
a defeat for the working people and poor of South Africa and Africa in 
general. This is especially true considering (i) what could have been 
achieved had the SACP-ANC not bowed to TINA and (ii) the dismal record
of comprador capitalism in the rest of sub-saharan Africa, where its singular 
success has been in progressively destroying the basis for human existence.

Fred is welcome, if he wishes, to weigh only the positive achievements of 
the anti-apartheid struggle in establishing political rights for all South 
Africans and overlook the role of the SACP-ANC in consolidating a 
a neo-liberal regime led by a  black bourgeoisie. However, the people of 
the region have already paid, and will continue to pay a heavy price for this
setback which will be far from temporary. 

Lajany Otum

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