[Marxism] SACP-ANC and South Africa

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Feb 13 13:39:06 MST 2007

Louis wrote:

> If I were in South Africa, the only "mass organizations" I'd be interested
> in are those that have reached the conclusion that the ANC is an obstacle
> to future progress--in the same manner that people have reached similar
> conclusions about the Democratic Party in the USA.
Which "mass organizations" in South Africa might those be? So far as I'm
aware there are none outside COSATU or the SACP which could form a new party
capable of displacing the ANC. Of course, as in the US, there are, as you
say, "people" who stand outside the mass parties and the internal
oppositions they contain and who call for a new party, but who have very
little political weight. So obviously I'm more interested in the orientation
of COSATU and SACTU and organizations which have a substantial following
than what scattered individuals propose, which was the basis for my inquiry
to Patrick Bond. Strange this strikes you as perplexing.

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