[Marxism] Ruairi O Bradaigh: genuine republicans to run in Assembly elections

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Feb 14 17:48:52 MST 2007

We and SF are like oil and water: O Bradaigh 

Assembly Election 

By Allison Morris 

THE old guard of republicanism was in west Belfast yesterday to announce
the Republican Sinn Fein line-up for next month's assembly election. 

Party president Ruairi O Bradaigh called on Republican Sinn Fein voters
not to give second preference to Sinn Fein candidates when casting their

He said the two brands of republicanism were now like "oil and water". 

At a press conference in Conway Mill, off the Falls Road, the veteran
republican said Sinn Fein's recent decision to support policing had
prompted his party to field candidates in an assembly election for the
first time. 

"The promises made at the time of the Good Friday Agreement have not
been kept," Mr O Bradaigh said. 

"People will of course make their own choice as to what to do with their
second and third preferences but we are like oil and water, moving in
different directions. 

"Our erstwhile friends in Sinn Fein are now indistinguishable from the

Republican Sinn Fein will field six candidates, all on an abstentionist
policy. This means that if elected they will not take their seats. 

Republican Sinn Fein is not recognised by the Electoral Commission as a
political party so its candidates will be listed on ballot papers as

Among those standing are former hunger striker Brendan McLaughlin, who
will run in Sinn Fein chief negotiator Martin McGuinness's Mid-Ulster
constituency, and veteran republican Geraldine Taylor who will take on
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams in West Belfast. 

The other four will stand in Upper Bann, East Derry, Fermanagh/South
Tyrone and West Tyrone.

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