[Marxism] Malcolm X and post-apartheid

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Feb 14 21:02:16 MST 2007

Fred wrote:
>The position of Philip, Lajny, et al - Louis tried to get them unhooked
it by conceding that the end of apartheid, like the victory of the civil
rights movement in the US, was progressive, but they are having none of
centrism! - that the winning of Black citizienship, the right to vote,
end of the reserves/homelands as separate enforced structures, freedom
movement fplace to another, basic democratic and constitutional rights

This is funny coming from someone who says he greatly admires Malcolm X.

The civil rights movement won substantial gains for black Americans such
as the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968) and the Voting Rights Act of

However, Malcolm X made very telling criticisms of the civil rights
movement and the limitations of gaining formal legal equality.

For instance, the fact that South African blacks can now live in white
suburbs has little meaning when 99 percent of them can't afford to.  So,
in reality, whole chunks of apartheid still exist.  This is, of course,
precisely the kind of point Malcolm made in relation to formal legal
equality in the US.

Perhaps Fred needs to go back and re-read Malcolm, and he might
understand better where many of us on this list are coming from in our
critique of post-apartheid developments and the role of the SACP-ANC.

Or is Malcolm also a dreaded "reactionary" ultraleft who shat on civil
rights and preferred Jim Crow?


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