[Marxism] Re: Jack Lieberman & the Israeli Palestinian Flag Shirt

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Wed Feb 14 22:17:25 MST 2007


  First I want to let you all know that our web site,  
www.radicaljack.com[1] is "not a for
profit" web site. Unfortunately it is overall losing money, but any  
profits that we do make goes back into the movement. Also Louis was  
wrong when he stated that I unsubed to this list. I had to change  
email addresses because AOL closed my jollyjack at aol address, which I  
had for over 12 years, because of false reports of spamming. I am very  
active here in South Florida and send out political mailings that  
reach about a thousand people. Obviously someone did not like that and  
made a number of bogus complaints.

 I sent out the Halliday article not because I agreed with it totally  
but because it
made a number of good points. Points that many on the left are very  
uncomfortable dealing with. I have been reluctant to raise these  
issues here myself  because, in general, I tend
to avoid lenghty political debates with others on the left unless  
they  relate to the concrete
struggles that I am involved in. For better or for worse I have  
decided to spend
most of my time politically as an activist, as opposed to a writer or  
a scholar.  I
generally do not have enough hours for my political responsibilities  
as it is so the last thing I need is to become engaged in a lengthy  
debate with other lefties divorced from the political tasks that I  
am already am committed to

     I do have some very serious fundamental differences with many on  
this list regarding many questions of Marxist orthodoxy. A number of  
years ago I expressed them in a lengthy discussion regarding the US  
invasion of Haiti to restore Aristide to power, I believe that  
discussion may have even been on this list serve. If I recall Tim  
Wolforth was about the only person who agreed with my position of  
critical support for the US invasion. The only reason why I engaged in  
that discussion was because it was a major debate on the Haitian left  
and in the Haiti Solidarity movement which I have been very involved in.

   One of my major differences with most of my Marxist friends is that  
I strongly support
the existence of the state of Israel as a partial solution to the  
"Jewish Question" and
yes, I do call myself a Zionist, precisely to stimulate discussion on  
this issue in the
anti-war movement and on the left here in South Florida. Now that I  
have let the genie
out of the bottle, and come out of the closet on this list, I am going  
to prepare a
smorgasbord of some of my polemical writing on this subject that I  
have posted on some of the South Florida list serves down through the  
years. I will edit them and post them here over the next couple of  
days in response to the criticism I am sure I will receive here.

   By the way what is so ridiculous about Ghandi tshirt? I find the  
laudatory praising of Hezbollah and Hamas by some contributors of this  
list a little more disturbing than my admiration of Ghandi.

   Best Regards,



   Quoting dave.walters at comcast.net:

> Jack was always into telemarketing. It is how he sustained himself   
> since FIU days.
> His knew for-profit web site has lots of interesting T-Shirts. I  
> was  scrolling down a set of them in his anti-war collection and  
> then one  that stuck out like a poke-in-the-eye:
> Two Peoples
> Two States
> with a picture of the Palestinian flag and the Israeil flag. Also,   
> there is the ridiculous Ghandhi T-shirt with the title "No Lesser   
> Evil". What the f*ck?
> I must say, he looks like my Uncle Buddy now, having grown much older.
> David
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