[Marxism] Re: SACP and national-democratic tasks (was Barnes on South Africa)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Feb 15 04:32:02 MST 2007

Well, I characteristically garbled the first sentences of my latest article.
Really, the whole first paragraph, reviewing some of Philip's long history
of inaccuracy about Barnes which I wrongly assumed was a product of not
reading rather than misreading, can be fruitfully skipped, since the meat of
the article follows.

But for those who don't skip first paragraphs, here is what I meant to

"Yes, I missed that bit where Philip said he read Barnes' speech when it
out.  So it turns out that he read the speech 22 years ago, and committed it
to mismemory.  Maybe he also read "Opening Guns of
World War III," where he often incorrectly claimed that Barnes said World
III began in 1991. I always assumed that he hadn't read it but maybe I was

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