[Marxism] Roots of Iraq torture squads

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Thu Feb 15 08:32:38 MST 2007

Thanks to Dbachmozart for the death squad post. When I first read  
about the "Salvador option" which US military planners envisioned for  
Iraq in a Newsweek article back in Jan. 2005 (I think it was 2005),  
my initial visceral reaction was to get sick to my stomach. It  
recalled a flood of memories from my activist past as cadre with  
CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)  
during the 1980's. That was my first real experience as a full-time  
activist. I spent most of the time doing fundraising for the regional  
office in NYC, as well as some material aid fundraising and committee  
organizing with the Brooklyn office.  Talk about trial by fire.  I  
only made one trip to Salvador with a delegation for May day in 1986.  
A small group of us met with Herbert Anaya, a human rights worker who  
was assassinated the following autumn in front of his daughters. We  
also did some protective accompaniment work for an organizer for the  
May Day march in Santa Ana, a leader in the hospital workers' union  
who was also killed some time later. (His name escapes me at the  

Due to an accumulation of stress from the constant FBI surveillance  
(my apartment was broken into and my camera was stolen the day after  
I returned from that trip, but they did not get the film), I left the  
USA in 1988 and spent 2 years in Ecuador.  Needless to say, the  
entire experience was life-changing, and I hope to live to see the  
day that the US empire collapses. I find it deeply ironic and  
satisfying that the Pentagon's futile death squad strategy for Iraq  
has literally blown up in their faces. Maybe one day we'll all be  
able to dance on the rubble.

			Hasta la victoria siempre,

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