[Marxism] The Plough analysis of the Provo surrender process

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 15 17:31:10 MST 2007

James Daly writes:
>An excellent article on the essentials of the Anglo Irish peace
process.  I 
cannot find a URL for it, so post it in its entirety.  -- J. D.

>The Plough
Vol. 4- No 4
Wednesday 14th February 2007

>E-mail newsletter of the
Irish Republican Socialist Party

I receive the Plough and intended to post about this excellent article
too.  One of the things I like abut Liam's writing - although this is
co-written - is his meticulous referencing.  Every time I read his stuff
I am struck by how the New Sinn Fein leadership have moved the goalposts
of what they won't do and how meticulously he documents this. 

Unfortunately, the website copies of the Plough are almost a year
behind; the latest copy there is March 21, 2006.  So this latest edition
doesn't seem to be anywhere on the internet and may not be for some

I assume Liam will be submitting it somewhere to the left print media,
possibly to the 'Weekly Worker' in Britain which he writes for from time
to time or that it will appear in the next issue of the IRSP paper, 'The
Starry Plough'.


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