[Marxism] Euador says it will intercept unauthorized US, Columbian flights over Ecuador

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Feb 15 18:22:39 MST 2007

Ending Aggression: Ecuador To Intercept US, Colombian Aircraft 




Xinhua News Agency February 15, 2007 


Ecuador to intercept any flights over its territory: president 



Ecuador will intercept any aircraft from Colombia or the United States that
enter the country's air space, the country's President Rafael Correa told
media on Wednesday. 


"We will not permit, not even once, that Ecuador's airspace be besmirched by
the aircraft overflights, be they Colombian or United States aircraft,"
Correa said in Nueva Loja, in Ecuador's Amazonian province, Sucumbios. 


Correa added that Ecuador will not accept any more Colombian "aggression,"
referring to Colombia's refusal to stop spraying gliphosphate herbicide,
used to destroy coca plants close to the Ecuador border. 


Ecuador has demanded Colombia avoid spraying within a 

10 km area on its side of the border, claiming that herbicide carried into
Ecuador by the wind has damaged Ecuadorians' health, crops and livestock.
Colombia insists that gliphosphate is harmless. 


Correa reiterated Ecuador's threat to present a case to the International
Courts of Justice in The Hague. 


He said that his government would prepare a so-called Plan Ecuador, a
peaceful plan in response to Plan Colombia, which fights guerrillas and drug
traffickers with violence. 


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