[Marxism] JL & the Israeli Palestinian Flag Shirt,

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Thu Feb 15 18:27:37 MST 2007

Now we gotta stop using Jacks name in the subject line since he IS a subscriber!

Jack, sorry about the "for profit" thing, I thought thats what it was, but now I remember your e-mail that went out on this.

On the Ghandi...I thought most Marxists understood that despite the reputation, he as a supporter of WWII, called on people to defend the Empire, etc. I guess, not, huh?

On Zionism...I guess we (probably close to 100%) of the list members are confirmed anti-Zionists. I doubt you, or anyone, wants to discuss this here on this list (we can agree to disagree, yes?).  I can't think of us every actually have a debate that went 'as far' as people defending the right of Israel to exist. I could be wrong, I just don't remember it.

I'm of the school that the only real issue for the US today vis-a-vis WAR, is Iraq, and not Palestine. I'm for involving supporters of Palestine in anti-war marches (encouraging banners, speakers etc) but not demands. I'm very old fashioned...I actually think the Out Now! slogan which proved sucessful during Vietnam is still basically appropriate today and that most, if not all the other slogans are simply an extension of liberal-guiltism. I'm all for these other issue being part of the movement, but not the central theme...and I think the utter failure of the anti-war movement that has used this other slogans as proved this to be true. Having stated this, I find little open support of Hamas. I think there is more for Hezbollah, but only within the context of them defending Lebanon against Israel's invasion.


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