[Marxism] US's smoking gun on Iran misfires, by Gareth Porter

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Thu Feb 15 19:20:38 MST 2007

On 16 févr. 07, at 10:12, Fred Feldman wrote:

> I want to say how glad I am that Gareth Porter whom I remember from
> Indochina Report and many other publications during the Vietnam War  
> is still
> in there pitching after all these years.  I'm sure I and many  
> others on
> these lists, who have grown long in the tooth, if we have any teeth (I
> don't), in the struggle, appreciate his continuing contributions

How long will it take before it is found that american weapons/ammos  
have been used to kill american soldiers ?

Jean-Christophe Helary

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