[Marxism] JL & the Israeli Palestinian Flag Shirt

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Thu Feb 15 21:50:23 MST 2007

Eli, what I mean by this is that, given the rather craven pro-Democratic party do-nothing of the anti-war movement which appeared to distillate into the UFPJ, it seems that ever other section, most notably the TON/ANSWER/IAC dominated wing IS an abject failure. I think the whole debate sectionalized and then demoralized themselves into poltical impotency.

Since I'm inclined toward the left side of the anti-war movement (meaning the side that isn't interested in dovetailing demonstrations with the liberals over election campaigns) I'm pissed at the left that got caught up in out-lefting itself over how many demands they could tack on to an upcoming demonstration.

I'm not at all for appeasing folks like JL over the issue of self-determination for Palestinians. I support that wing that wants to allow and indeed encourage their participation. Some, and I'm not accusing JL of this, clearly wanted to exclude any mention of Palestine. I'm opposed to that. But I'm also opposed to those that seek to turn the rallies, marches and movement into a multi-lateral anti-imperialist and, ergo, narrow front for leftists and "conscious" anti-imperialists. 

You ask "How about Afghanistan? Since most Americans probably perceive that war as a "real" part of the so-called "war on terror," Good question. I don't know, really, but its certainly a good question. But what's not in question is the focus by imperialism, indeed, the desperation by imperialism over securing Iraq. And what's not in question is American's general opposition to the war. I'm for mobilizing THAT sentiment. I'm for introducing and educating on all these issues, including the fact that America is behind Israel's attack on Palestinians and Lebanese....but you are making a huge political assumption that Americans are going to organize and march around these issues. They are not, and haven't, and won't simply because they are on the "Calls' for these marches. I believe all these issues can be brought up, but I don't believe at all that one can simply tack on these issues to the obvious issue of the day [IRAQ] and expect people to show up or organizations to endorse. They 
haven't and they won't. 

That is what I meant by my comments. Sorry for any confusion.


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