[Marxism] Accumulation in NZ

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Feb 16 20:43:38 MST 2007

Dave B wrote:
>Further to Phil's comments on analyses of capital accumulation, here is
an example of what was done by myself and John Macrae in 1978 which laid
the basis for understanding the crisis of accumulation facing the NZ
economy at the time, well before the arrival of the 4th Labour
Government in 1984.

I have many disagreements with Dave B, including over whether NZ is a
neo-colony or a junior imperialist power, but I give him his due.  He
was doing the kind of work back in the 1970s that the SAL never did -
and never could because of the debilitating/retarding influence of the
American SWP.

In fact, the SAL leadership, which imbibed philistinism from the Mother
Ship in New York, thought it was a huge joke that Dave and John MacRae
(and others in the Marxian Political Economy group) were doing this kind
of (essential) theoretical work.

Who could possibly imagine that a deep analysis of the accumulation
process in NZ, and where it was at in the 1970s, could ever be of any
political use?



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