[Marxism] Iran's position opposing nuclear weapons, and why I take it seriously

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Feb 17 07:10:22 MST 2007

I think it is useful to keep in mind that this is and has been (preceding
Ahmadinejad) the official Iranian government position on nuclear weapons.
(This stance dates back to Khomeini, I believe.)

Of course, like almost any technically modern industrial country, an Iran
with nuclear-power capacity will have the capacity to produce weapons if the
regime decides to do so.  Of course, Washington and Israel can lessen any
chance that this will happen by simply dropping their military threats,
nuclear and non-nuclear, against Iran.

The tendency is to dismiss this because Ahmadinejad is not to be trusted,
and thus Iran must be destroyed on the chance that he is lying.  I can sort
of understand why types like Bush and Cheney would think this.  They look in
the mirror every morning at faces that never tell the truth about anything.

I think it is significant, though subject to possible change, that Iran's
official position is an anti-nuclear weapons one, unlike, for example, the
official stance of the North Korean government, from what I have seen.

In fact, Ahmadinejad's assessment that the "the time of nuclear weapons is
gone" strikes me as strategically reasonable, and not just a demagogic cover
story. One reason is the proliferation of the basic knowledge, skills, and
industrial capacity that make ti possible for any moderately advanced
country to produce nuclear weapons if they set a course toward doing so.  We
should recall that, for example, South Africa which destroyed its nuclear
arsenal when the African National Congress, can nonetheless re-enter the
nuclear arms race at any time simply by the government deciding to do so.  

Nuclear weapons have been losing some of their capacity to terrify and
intimidate, as Dave Walters pointed out. One of Washington's strategic goals
in the drive to attack Iran is to preserve the viability of nuclear weapons
as a threat by preventing more countries from having the capacity to get
into the nuclear weapons race and showing that Washington and/or Israel are
not deterred from using them to advance their conception of their interests.

If an attack on Iran can be prevented, which seem touch and go at present,
humanity will have taken an important step toward really bring "the time of
nuclear weapons" to an end.

My own opinion is that if the US and/or Israel attacks Iran, and especially
if nuclear weapons are used, the result will be a complex of world and
regional reactions that will turn this "victory" to strategic defeat very
quickly -- a kind of Suez for US imperialism, and a Muslim Stalingrad for
Fred Feldman

Iranian Prez: No Nuke Proliferation

Washington, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) Iran's President Mahmud
Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that he opposes the proliferation of
atomic weapons and called for civilization and rationality to prevail
in the world.

"Our position is clear; we oppose the proliferation of any type of
weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons. We think that the
time of the nuclear weapons is gone," said the head of government
during an interview with ABC television.

On Monday ABC broadcast other statements by the Iranian head of
State, who expressed confidence that the fighting capacity of his
country will dissuade the United States from a new war adventure in
the Middle East.

Ahmadinejad ruled out the probability of aggression against the
Persian country, because he said, he is confident of the good sense
and survival instincts of US legislators.

The Iranian president also emphasized his opposition to solving
differences by force, and denied that his government is promoting
destabilization in the Middle East.


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