[Marxism] In unusual move, NYT attempts to look at Iraq conflict from Iranian ru lers' point of view

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Feb 18 15:11:52 MST 2007

Fred wrote:

The failure of the attempt to sell Iran as attacking US troops in Iraq, despite the support given at the start by the media, seems to be increasing doubts that this administration can wage a war against Iraq that will be anything but a catastrophe for US imperialism abroad -- and at home, where
the media blitz failed most spectacularly.

We seem to have won a round in the propaganda war, not primarily through our own strength, unfortunately, but won nonetheless.

My comment:

Well that is of course the good news. Time is against the Bush camp. Not only with regard to his tenure of the Oval Office, but also in terms of the ability of ordinary people to absorb just how big a disaster Iraq has been and is. It is the growing realisation of this that is the source of Bush's failed propaganda offensive, plus presumably a nudge from a not inconsiderable section of the American ruling class that surely is beginning to regret that Bush ever became President.

Meanwhile back in Baghdad the surge has morphed into what it always was intended to be - an attack on the Sunni strongholds.

Petraeus's counter insurgency gobbley-gook of "clear and hold" means clearing of the Sunni enclaves by Shia forces and holding by the same.  In other words the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad is proceeding according to plan. [Note to Stan Goff - looks like you were wrong - NO?]

Does all this mean that the assault on Iran is off?  Impossible to tell. I am still inclined to believe, though, that current US policy in Iraq is strengthening Iran and that as a consequence the temptation for Bush & Co to deploy the "bomb them back into the stone age option" becomes ever greater. So my best guess is that a bombing campaign against Iran is still a probability.

Given the failure of the propaganda offensive around Iranian assistance for Iraqi insurgents, the resort to bombing Iran will truly mean that "politics by other means" is in command. And that is very dangerous for all of us.



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